Vimto Gardens

Salford, Manchester

Contractor: Galliford Try
Architect: Glen Howells
Estimated Value: £15,000,000

Named after the famous drink that was first produced just metres from the site, Vimto Gardens is rapidly becoming the location of choice for people with a penchant for life that’s bubbling with possibilities.

Vimto Gardens is at the core of developing the wider Salford Central Scheme in partnership with the English Cities Fund to improve the local community. Once complete, it has the potential to deliver 11,000 new jobs, 220,000 square metres of commercial space for office, retail and leisure development, 849 new homes and 390 hotel rooms.

With such a high demand, Rotec proposed the installation of standard security doors to Vimto Gardens which were later changed to ‘Security Rated’ in order to adhere to Secure by Design standards. The SBD scheme supports principles of ‘designing out crime’ through security processes which cover property owners and commercial spaces.

With these change of plans, additional door design produced time constraints and pressure to be fully compliant.  With reliability and trustworthiness being the core of Rotec’s DNA, work continued in to Christmas eve to ensure full project completion.