Vimto Gardens

Salford, Manchester

Contractor: Galliford Try
Architect: Glen Howells
Estimated Value: £15,000,000

Initially called ‘Vim Tonic’, it was intended as a healthy pick-me-up cordial, which would give energy, vim and vigour to those who drank it. It was soon being sold in the local bars as an alternative to the ‘evils’ of alcohol. Its success was based on the secret formula, which has remained unchanged for a century.

English Cities Fund (ECf) – a joint venture between Muse Developments, Legal & General Property and the Homes and Communities agency – is developing the wider Salford Central scheme, which Vimto Gardens is at the core of. Once complete, it has the potential to deliver 11,000 new jobs, 220,000 square metres of commercial space for office, retail and leisure development, 849 new homes, 390 hotel rooms and a number of safe and accessible public areas for local people to enjoy.

Named after the famous drink that was first produced just metres from the site, it’s rapidly becoming the location of choice for people with a penchant for life that’s bubbling with possibilities.

Designed to be accessible to first time buyers, while also providing ample space for families or those wishing to upsize, it’s a place with room to breathe.

With all amenities nearby, including a primary school, this space is perfectly positioned to meet the practical requirements of life, whilst being small enough to create an intimate community.

Forming a square around a private green space for residents and guests only, Vimto Gardens offers a refreshing change with a vibrant community feel.

Built to the highest specification and using materials that will stand the test of time, this new addition to Chapel Street looks set to play a key role in the future of Salford’s landscape.