Our Approach

Tailored Solutions

The best solutions are those that are bespoke to individual needs. At Rotec we only take on projects where we can add value and make a difference, this enables us to offer a total focused approach from the outset.

Our consultation team offer expertise in developing the specification suitable to each application. The fundamental outlines are key to ensuring that compulsory requirements are met, without compromising the architectural vision of each unique project.

Facilitating a project from the very beginning ensures a smooth transitional process throughout the project delivery.

Made to Order

With comprehensive attention to detail being essential, all doors are customized to suit the needs of each project. Part of our offering includes security, fire and acoustic rated doors along with extensive manufacturing expertise which accommodates the final product to perfection.

Early coaching and costing advice with our proficient estimation team develops a workable solution that offers feasible yet superior quality products therefore still fully endorsing the integrity of the building.

The comprehensive early participation and research allows for an efficient progression into production.

Fitted to Perfection

The installation is a turning point of a project where the initial development and involvement is key. With 10 years of experience, our methodical approach and strategic planning will ensure projects are completed in optimal time.

Being accountable and responsible for our programme through a pro-active approach keeps us aligned with our clients. Engineers who share our company vision along with effective onsite assistance means we are able to guarantee swift project completion, giving you complete peace of mind.

Results Driven by Passion

At Rotec everything is centred around the customer, this focus secures long-term exclusive working relationships. We continue to surpass our client’s expectations by not settling until the desired result is achieved.

Renowned for accurate planning, expert design and methodical installation we are consistently delivering perfection on time. Rotec’s reputation is built upon its results, the team are always on hand to assist from conception through to handover and beyond.

Constantly striving unitedly as a team in attaining our vision to be the most trusted partner in the door industry is what inspires everyone at Rotec.